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Faculty Sports Team Mentorship Program

Hampden-Sydney College

Faculty Sports Team Mentorship Program

  • Original Idea: Presented and described by the Athletic Director from Bates College at the 2006 ODAC Institute on Integration
  • Overarching Goal: To develop trust and promote understanding between the academic and athletic constituencies at the college
  • Basic Assumption: Faculty and Coaches all share the same mission—to help students succeed in the classrooms and on the playing fields
  • Faculty mentors are highly visible friendly faces--they understand the extra demands placed on our student athletes and provide additional opportunities for these student to connect with the college
  • Faculty mentors do not replace academic advisors--they help to facilitate the academic success of these student athletes by providing general advice about scheduling classes, managing time, study habits, etc.
  • Faculty mentors speak the language of the faculty and appreciate the importance of athletics, so they are in a particularly good position to help mediate and resolve problems and conflicts

Bob Blackman (History)
Jonathan Keohane (Physics)
Tom Valente (Math)
Jennifer Vitale (Psychology)

Stan Cheyne (Physics)
Abigail Horne (English)
Justin Issacs (Economics)
Robert Herdegen (Psychology) 

Cross Country
Rachel Goodman (Biology) 

Guy Burnett (GVFA)
Lisa Burns (Academic Success)
Jason Ferguson (Admissions)
Ken Lehman (History)
Ellen Masters (Career Center)
Jeff Vogel (Religion)
Joe Rockelmann (German)

Curt Smith (GVFA) 

Dan Mossler (Psychology)
Cristine Varholy (English) 

Bill Anderson (Chemistry)
Mike Allen (Religion)
Dan Mossler (Psychology)
Alex Werth (Biology) 

Evan Davis (English)

Dan Weese (Psychology)
Berkley Leonard (Admissions)