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Catching Up With Mac Freeman '89

Mac Freeman '89
Mac Freeman '89

Mac Freeman, class of 1989, is now Senior Vice President of Business for the Denver Broncos. He shares thoughts on a busy life in the NFL and memories from his time at Hampden-Sydney.

Who I am: Mac Freeman, '89

What I Do Now: I'm Senior Vice President of Business for the Denver Broncos. I oversee all of the revenue lines of business for the team, including marketing, ticketing, sponsorships, and community development.

Best Thing about My Job: I still get excited every day when I go to work. There are plenty of external challenges and internal opportunities, so I am always trying to innovate, make things better, and stay ahead of the curve. This is a competitive business landscape, but as a guy who likes being challenged, it's a great environment for me. 
We do a lot of the work outside of the football season, because once it begins we're really in execution mode. The NFL is a year-round business, but in your home city your store is only open about 40 hours a year. It's an interesting business, because even though it's a full-time operation, you only have a short window to maximize revenue opportunities.

Revisiting Lax: I'm also the President of the Denver Outlaws of Major League Lacrosse. 
That's more my labor of love. I played lacrosse at Hampden-Sydney, and I love the game. Six years ago I had the chance to launch a franchise in Denver, and I'm proud to say we have the most successful outdoor professional lacrosse team in North America.

For the past four years, I've also been coaching a youth inner city team here in Denver. It's a step outside where the game has been traditionally played. I like what the future holds for the game. The growth at the youth levels is off the charts. It's been really rewarding to watch the game that I love come out of small, restricted pockets to being a sport with widespread reach.

How School Prepared Me: My time at Hampden-Sydney cemented in me a strong foundation with fundamental skills of communication, both written and verbal. The Rhetoric Program has proven to be one of the most valuable parts of my education. I'm very thankful for it to this day.
Overall, I was lucky to have educators at Hampden-Sydney that forced me to think. I was taught that ideas are what make men. It's not just what you know, but what you can do with your knowledge to take necessary steps forward.

Thing I miss most about Hampden-Sydney: The school offers such a unique environment and special community. It's a school that fosters incredibly strong relationships and friendships. During college years, you figure out who you are, and with the people you go through that process with, you create bonds that don't fade away. 
I'm happy that today most of my best friends are the guys that I went to Hampden-Sydney with. I've stayed in close contact with many of my classmates, even the ones who don't live close by, and those relationships are as special as anything to me in my life.

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