Face-Off Club




A Message from Coach Rostan

Tiger Alumni and Friends!  I know that you are always proud of H-SC and Tiger Lacrosse.  Yet, I am confident that you will be extremely excited about this 2014 Team and our teams over the next several years. We are presently developing a 2014 team of 47 very hard working young men; and we will return 42 of our Tiger team again in 2015!  We also believe that our coaches and team are successfully working together to attract one of the most outstanding recruiting classes in the history of Tiger Lacrosse.  Special thanks are in order to 1st Assistant Coach Jason Rostan for a magnanimous job in initiating most of this talented group of committed recruits. With a 2014 roster that includes a particularly strong junior class, and a highly talented incoming class of 20-plus student-athletes, we earnestly need your assistance in supporting our large team. The cost of fielding between 47-60 players (in top-notch protective equipment, practice gear, game uniforms, and sticks, the most important tool in our sport!) is extremely high. With the incredible growth of lacrosse nationally, many of the top ten teams in NCAA lacrosse carried deep and talented rosters of 60 members in 2013.  We are no different at H-SC.  We anticipate a roster in the area of 60 student-athletes in 2014-15: a group of high character that will rival the best teams in college lacrosse.  

There are so many of you to thank that have been major supporters of our program and H-SC by providing us with incredible facilities. Special thanks are in order to John Gibson (H-SC 1982) for his tremendous leadership and diligence with our Face-off Club, and major contributions to our turf field, lights and coaching positions. Thanks also to Everett Hellmuth III (H-SC 1975) for his incredible leadership with our turf stadium and the South wing of the Kirk Athletic Center, and John Pritzlaff Sr. also for his leadership toward the Hellmuth-Pritzlaff Stadium. Major contributions from alumni Rob Bonaventura (H-SC ’83), J.T. Boyce, Dr. Ted Chambers (’82), Deane Cheatham (’88), Hunter Craig (’84), Johnny Ellis (’70), Colin Dunn (’08),  Ryan Harrington (’08), Jake Horstman (’93), Brad Johnson (’89), T.W. Johnson (’96), Bob Kelly (’70), John Regan (’93), Bryant McGann (’82), Joe Viar (’63), and Ed Wilson (’90), have most recently benefitted H-SC by providing toward items such as our lacrosse coaching positions, team equipment, facilities, and travel. Special thanks also to former parents such as, the Richard Burroughs, George Dunn, and Peter Worthen families as major benefactors to our facilities over the past 10 years. Thanks also to Charlie Ayers for providing our teams with senior awards and photos over the past 15 years. Thank you from H-SC to alumni parents Peter Summers and Charles Jones for creating an academic scholarship that benefits several students annually. Most recently, thank you to the Beman’s and the Fulton’s for you work and contributions to the 1st Annual Tiger Lacrosse Golf Tournament!  Please all save a date for the 2nd Tournament that will be held on April 12th, 2014.  Just as importantly, thank you to so many of you that have contributed over the years in many other large and small ways.  Your contributions are greatly appreciated and very necessary.

Our 2014 Tiger Team and Coaches offer our most sincere thanks in advance and we wish each of you and your families the very best for the holidays and 2014. We promise that we will diligently work toward achieving our team and program goals that always include developing individual and team character, as well as an ODAC championships and a national title.

With highest regards,

Ray Rostan