Staff Directory


Name Title Phone Email
Richard Epperson Athletic Director (434) 223-6153
Krista Jacobs Senior Athletics Secretary (434) 223-6151

Sports Information

Name Title Phone Email
Davis Yake Assistant Athletic Director for Media Relations and Compliance (434) 223-6156
Scott Harris Assistant Sports Information Director (Basketball, Cross Country, Lacrosse, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis) (434) 223-6168

Sports Medicine

Name Title Phone Email
Brandon Davis Head Athletic Trainer (Football, Swimming, Baseball) (434) 223-6237
Tim Olsen Assistant Athletic Trainer (Lacrosse, Golf, Cross Country) (434) 223-6843
Erika Spudie Assistant Athletic Trainer (Soccer, Basketball, Tennis) (434) 223-6843


Name Title Phone Email
Jeff Kinne Head Baseball Coach (434) 223-6981
Billy Catron Assistant Baseball Coach (434) 223-6698
Robbie Bailey Recruiting Coordinator (434) 223-6698


Name Title Phone Email
Dee Vick Head Basketball Coach (434) 223-6160
Tyler Sanborn Assistant Basketball Coach (434) 223-7268
Terrell Allen Assistant Basketball Coach (434) 223-7143
Kevin Leatherwood Assistant Basketball Coach (434) 223-6280
Mike Edwards Volunteer Assistant Basketball Coach (434) 223-7066

Cross Country

Name Title Phone Email
Betsy Leonard Head Cross Country Coach (434) 223-7221


Name Title Phone Email
Marty Favret Head Football Coach (434) 223-6256
Wes Dodson Defensive Coordinator (434) 223-6155
Zeke Traylor Offensive Line Coach (434) 223-6154
Nick Goins Linebackers Coach (434) 223-6277
Joey Partin Tight Ends and H-Backs Coach
Scott Riddle Quarterbacks Coach (434) 223-6270
Troy Shaffer Special Teams Coordinator/Wide Receivers Coach (434) 223-6271
Ahmaad Smith Defensive Backs Coach (434) 223-6270
Joe Freeland Defensive Line Coach
Penn Stephenson Defensive Line Coach/Video Coordinator


Name Title Phone Email
Mac Main Head Golf Coach (434) 223-7271


Name Title Phone Email
Ray Rostan Head Lacrosse Coach (434) 223-6158
Jay Rostan First Assistant Lacrosse Coach, Offensive Coordinator, Recruiting Coordinator (434) 223-6366
Tommy Costanza Assistant Lacrosse Coach (434) 223-7082
Tom Walsh Assistant Lacrosse Coach (434) 223-7082


Name Title Phone Email
Josh Laux Head Soccer Coach (434) 223-6290
Matt Cooper Assistant Soccer Coach (434) 223-7201


Name Title Phone Email
Betsy Leonard Head Swimming Coach (434) 223-7221


Name Title Phone Email
Robert Bareford Head Tennis Coach (434) 223-6882

Club Rugby

Name Title Phone Email
Saranna Thornton Head Rugby Coach 434-223-6253
Paul Brammer Assistant Rugby Coach